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Instructor Training, Curriculum Development, Training Delivery, Training Program Design and Development

By continuing the Rice family legacy, Northrop Rice, based in Houston, Texas provides training and management services to the aviation industry. With combined experience of over 70 years in aviation training, Cathy Landry, President, and J. Michael Rice, Executive VP, have assumed ownership of the family business, Northrop Rice USA Inc.

Northrop Rice USA Inc.

Northrop Rice USA Inc. operated FAA certificated Part 147 A&P training schools throughout the U.S. including Rice Aviation in Houston, Lubbock, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Baltimore and Chesapeake, and Richmond, VA and Fort Lauderdale until 1999. 

The family business was the technology provider on an international aviation training project with the government of Malaysia overseeing the equipment acquisition, instructor training and the development of over 4000 hours of curriculum in aviation maintenance, manufacturing, avionics, composites and technical management.

History of Aviation Training

With a history of aviation training experience and expertise in classroom, practical and online learning techniques, Northrop Rice can help develop and deliver efficient and effective training that strengthens and qualifies the workforce capability.

Our customers include MRO’s, Repair Stations and other aviation operators who have requested our assistance in the certification process, training program development, course ware development, training design and/or instruction. Our unique expertise is in the development of custom courses, classroom instruction and structured on-the-job training (SOJT) processes. 

Northrop Rice has developed a cadre of contract instructors and curriculum developers to support the training and development services offered.

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Aviation Basics
Pre-Apprentice Program

Northrop Rice continues to support aviation maintenance training and providing a career pathway for those entering the aviation industry, through our development and implementation of the AMT-X On-The-Job experience program and Aviation Basics pre-apprentice training.

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Monday - Friday 8:00 - 4:30 Hrs
Onsite at Ellington, by appointment.

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